3 Tips for Feminizing Short Hair

Last week I wrote about the best hairstyles for transgender women. A lot of girls have been asking me to recommend cute, feminine styles for short hair and I promised to chat about that this week.

(Note: Keep reading even if you don’t have short hair because tips #2 and #3 apply to hair of all lengths.)

I generally prefer longer hair on transgender women, but it’s important to chose a style that works for YOU. Some TG women actually look prettier and more feminine with short hair vs. long hair. So have an open mind as you experiment with different styles!

That said, here are my top 3 tips for feminizing short hair:

1. Get a cute haircut

The first thing you need is a great haircut that can be styled in different ways. Choppy layered styles are very “in” right now and look great in both male and female mode.

Ask your hairstylist to show you different options for styling your hair. Layers that are swept towards the face are very feminine and flattering. Curls are another great, girly option.

Here are some short styles that would look great on a TG woman:


2. Try hair accessories

TG women with short hair look fantastic with barrettes and headbands, so this is an easy way to feminize a short haircut.

You can wear hair accessories at any age, but choose something appropriate. Stay away from girly bows or headbands after age 30. Instead, go for something sophisticated like a beautiful barrette or a pretty flower for your hair.


3. Wear a hat

Hats aren’t very popular with women these days, but thanks to Kate Middleton they’re on their way back. The soon-to-be Princess has been photographed in some incredible hats and is sparking a hat trend around the world.

Hats are the easiest way to feminize your hairstyle. In fact, you don’t even have to do your hair! Just throw on a pretty hat and you’re good to go.

Be sure to consider the season when selecting a hat. I know this sounds obvious, but I’ve seen girls wear knit hats in the summer and straw hats in the winter and it just looks ridiculous. Felt hats can be worn year round except for the hottest months.


Since so many girls have asked me about short hairstyles, I thought it would be fun to do a poll on hair length:

What length do you wear your hair en femme?

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Take the poll above and leave me your thoughts below! And be sure to share any other suggestions you have for our short haired girls!


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  1. I really need tip on styling my hair I think what little I have I may certainly purchase a remy human hair wig I found some that weren’t all that pricy hopefully within my future budget but once again styling I’ve learned a little there maybe with more time I’ll be fine I’d kind of like to take a hair styling course and cosmetology just to have some fun learning to play with it I’m a hands on person usually picking it up quickly not always

  2. Short hair is okay I don’t have short hair I had to go with that for long enough of course maybe I just haven’t had enough bad hair days yet or having to take the time to style it everyday day in and day out I’m sure it gets to be a hassle or your just bored with it and trying something new that I understand I guess that’s why at least for now I like it long the longer the better I just feel more femme I wish I still had a truly full head of hair as I once did but maybe for now it’s okay I think I miss my bangs I never got to wear bangs or at least I never did as a not en femme I like to straighten out a little to me its sultry but to each their own

  3. Antonyio, just be patient.
    Your hair will grow!, but is it long enough to get
    permed with the small curlers, don’t laugh, the perming
    will help your hair grow. I’ve not long had my second perm
    and it’s great !.
    If you have thinning, try taking fenugreek even in small
    doses will help.
    Are you going to transition? Lucille’s flat 2 fem will be a start
    and watch that hair grow!

  4. my trouble is I need a female looking but also male looking hair do ,my hair is still short as only came out in jan,before that it was a male num3 cut,tired wig but just didn’t feel right,proably just over a inch long now,any ideas

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