How to Make Your Legs Look Amazing

Nothing is hotter than a great pair of legs – and you’re in luck since most crossdressers and transgender women have gorgeous, defined legs. (I’m jealous!)

How can you make your legs your BEST feminine asset? Keep reading to discover 3 ways to make your legs look amazing:

transgender crossdresser leg makeup1. Add some color

Smooth, tanned legs are SEXY legs. But what if you have pale legs marred with scars, bruises, and visible veins?

Pantyhose are a no-no in the summertime . Instead, add color and cover imperfections with a tan (either a real tan or a spray tan) or leg makeup.

I’m a huge fan of Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup. It’s like sexy spray-on pantyhose that gives you perfect legs. Love it!

2. Show off your legs in sexy shoes

The right shoes can take your legs from good to GREAT. Anything goes as long as you keep these two tips in mind:

transgender crossdresser shoes

  • Go high, but not TOO highHigh heels make your legs look sexy and super feminine, but be careful not to go too high if you have very defined legs. The higher the heel, the more your calf muscles contract. This can make your legs look overly muscular and masculine.
  • Choose a rounded toe – Square toe shoes make legs look stumpy, while pointy toes add unwanted inches to the feet. Round toe shoes will give you the long-leg/dainty-foot look you’re going for.

3. Choose the right skirt length

When it comes to showing off your legs in a skirt, shorter is NOT always better. How short is too short?

Try the finger length test: Stand up straight and put your arms to your side. If your fingertips fall past the hem of your skirt, it’s too short.

You should also avoid skirts that are too long. Calf length skirts tend to look dowdy – besides, we want to see those gorgeous gams!

The most flattering skirt lengths are from mid thigh to just above or just below the knee.

transgender crossdresser skirt
Don’t: Too short
Don’t: Too long
Do: Fingertip length or longer

So what do you think? I’d love to hear YOUR best tips for showing off your legs, so leave me a comment and share your sexy leg pics below!


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  1. I’ve been told that I have good looking legs by a lot of people. I have tried the leg makeup and it really makes my legs look great. After applying the makeup I look like I have legs instead of stilts. One more addition would be after the makeup is the black mist shiney hosery. I had more attention that night when I suited up that way wareing a finger tip skirt. I have a thing about hosery, that its never too hot to ware them.

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