How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger and More Feminine

Nothing screams femininity and sex appeal like a sexy, shapely bottom …

So what do you do if you are a crossdresser or transgender woman suffering from “Flat Butt Syndrome”?

Keep reading to discover 4 ways to turn your flat tush into a juicy booty (no hormones, butt implants, or torturous glute exercises required!):

1. Purchase padded panties

You know what they say … If you ain’t got it, fake it!

Booty-enhancing panties are all the rage these days, but be warned: Many of them look fake or have pads that can shift around.

Here are 3 top-reviewed padded panties available in small to extra-large sizes.

BubbleBuns Bikini-Style Padded Panty Feel Foxy Silicon Padded PantyBitty Bum Hipster Padded Panty

Note: Padded panties can show through thin, fitted garments, so wear them under heavier clothes like jeans (see Tip #3).

2. Wear high heels

There are a million reasons to wear heels and here’s another one: High heels force you to arch your back, which makes your booty appear more prominent. For maximum tush enhancement, wear heels that are at least 2 ½” tall.

3. Look for butt-enhancing jeans

The right jeans can make your butt look amazing, especially if you wear them with a great pair of padded panties.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Wear jeans with embellishments or flaps on the back pockets to add bulk to your behind.
  • Look for jeans that have higher back pockets to make your butt look more lifted. (Pockets that are too low can make your booty look droopy.)
DO: Back pockets with embellishments and flapsDO: High pocket placement
DON’T: Low pocket placement

4. Try ruffled panties

There is something undeniably sexy about ruffled panties. Best of all, the ruffles add much-needed inches to your behind.

While I don’t recommend wearing ruffled panties under clothes (the ruffles will bunch and show through), they are a great option to wear in private or for girly photoshoots.

So tell me … Is your BUTT your best feminine asset? (It can be if you try these tips!) Or are you more of a breasts or legs-kinda gal? Take my poll and leave me your comments below!

Which is your best feminine asset?

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P.S. I know that your PERSONALITY is actually your best feminine asset, but humor me for the sake of this article. ;-)

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  1. Ok… my butt I could add legs to that since they are connected, the other, well.. never got passed a “B” had them for a long time, tried a few programs but not into pills or anything else, couldn’t stick to the program.
    I do think that for us girls it would be butt and legs, after all many of us are very athletic, at 65 I still walk 8 to 10 miles every other day in the mountains of Idaho, try that for a nice figure.


    Meekah P.

  2. sometimes I wish I could pic two choices, breast and legs in this case but personally I feel very non fem with out my full breast

  3. love the website, I am a masculine shaped female who doesn’t want to be butch just because I’ve a hormone imbalance and as I reach middle age and becomming even more “apple” shaped.

  4. One thing I’ve noticed lately is I like women a lot more, I mean genetic women. I think I was afraid of them for a long time, and maybe I felt like I couldn’t measure up as a macho male so I was somehow letting them down. Now I feel like a member of the same club with them! They represent an ideal I am pursuing, and at the same time I feel a great sympathy with them. Has anyone else here noticed an improvement in feelings towards genetic females as he/she comes to accept transgenderism?

    • Absolutely, I feel the same way, after being a macho type male most of my life in order to satisfy or “fit in” in our western culture, I, as many out there learned to mask my fem side, I am guilty of just being a witness to negative comments and insults towards women by my used to be male friends.
      A good lesson for me, I always thought that I should get mad and defend the women but then I would be giving away my “other” identity and open up for more criticism and ridicule so I kept quiet.
      Since I have completely accepted my androgynous self, I despite any derogatory comments made to any person regardless of gender and or sexual preference, be what you need to be, be yourself.
      I have opened myself to the people, I am male and I am female, I expected to become a real treat for friends and family, that would give them something to talk about! the results were just the opposite, is like females are looking for males to “tame down” and be more like them in conversation and activities.
      Nothing could be better than acceptance by friends and family, I have found that this has changed my life forever, I love to help, be compassionate, more understanding, good listener, part of the “Club” if you will. The change extends towards people in general.
      Thanks to my exposure I have found someone who finds me interesting, someone that loves both the male and fem side of me and has taken the time to learn and understand why for some of us, Androgyny or whatever we may be, is part of who we are.

      Live to enjoy.

      Meekah P.

      • Good for you Meekah. I wish I could report that my family and old friends accept my androgyny, but whenever I have tried to open the subject, the results have been negative. However, new friends are much more flexible. You are right, be yourself! That is the key to inner peace, and inner peace is the key to outer peace with others. Best of luck to you.


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