How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger and More Feminine

Nothing screams femininity and sex appeal like a sexy, shapely bottom …

So what do you do if you are a crossdresser or transgender woman suffering from “Flat Butt Syndrome”?

Keep reading to discover 4 ways to turn your flat tush into a juicy booty (no hormones, butt implants, or torturous glute exercises required!):

1. Purchase padded panties

You know what they say … If you ain’t got it, fake it!

Booty-enhancing panties are all the rage these days, but be warned: Many of them look fake or have pads that can shift around.

Here are 3 top-reviewed padded panties available in small to extra-large sizes.

BubbleBuns Bikini-Style Padded Panty Feel Foxy Silicon Padded Panty Bitty Bum Hipster Padded Panty

Note: Padded panties can show through thin, fitted garments, so wear them under heavier clothes like jeans (see Tip #3).

2. Wear high heels

There are a million reasons to wear heels and here’s another one: High heels force you to arch your back, which makes your booty appear more prominent. For maximum tush enhancement, wear heels that are at least 2 ½” tall.

3. Look for butt-enhancing jeans

The right jeans can make your butt look amazing, especially if you wear them with a great pair of padded panties.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Wear jeans with embellishments or flaps on the back pockets to add bulk to your behind.
  • Look for jeans that have higher back pockets to make your butt look more lifted. (Pockets that are too low can make your booty look droopy.)
DO: Back pockets with embellishments and flaps DO: High pocket placement
DON’T: Low pocket placement

4. Try ruffled panties

There is something undeniably sexy about ruffled panties. Best of all, the ruffles add much-needed inches to your behind.

While I don’t recommend wearing ruffled panties under clothes (the ruffles will bunch and show through), they are a great option to wear in private or for girly photoshoots.

So tell me … Is your BUTT your best feminine asset? (It can be if you try these tips!) Or are you more of a breasts or legs-kinda gal? Take my poll and leave me your comments below!

Which is your best feminine asset?

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P.S. I know that your PERSONALITY is actually your best feminine asset, but humor me for the sake of this article. ;-)

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