How to Look Hot in Feminine Lingerie

Whether you are an occasional crossdresser or live as a woman full time, lingerie is a great way to connect with your femme self.

How can you NOT feel totally girly in a pretty lace bra and panties?

But let’s face it …

It’s hard to hide your flaws when you are practically naked!

Here’s how to look HOT in feminine lingerie (no matter what your body shape):

1. Get the right fit

Nothing will destroy your image faster than saggy bra cups or too-tight panties creating a “muffin top”. It’s impossible to look good in lingerie that doesn’t fit right.

Your bra and panties should fit snug, but should never dig into your skin. (That’s how you get ugly bulges.)

Be sure to check your bra cups – they should fit smoothly over your breasts or breast forms. Wrinkled bra cups means you need a smaller cup size.

Need help with your size? Check out these Victoria’s Secret calculators to determine your correct bra and panty sizes.

2. Flatter your shape

The #1 secret to looking hot in lingerie is to hide your flaws (like a big belly) and highlight your assets (like sexy long legs).

Here are the most flattering pieces for crossdressers and transgender women:

feminine lingerie for crossdressers and transgender womenfeminine lingerie for crossdressers and transgender womenfeminine lingerie for crossdressers and transgender women
  • Babydoll lingerie – Babydoll lingerie is sweet and sexy and best of all, it’s great for hiding an ample belly.
  • Ruffled panties – Do you wish you had bigger hips? Ruffled panties feminize your figure by adding fullness to the hips.
  • Kimono robe – Slip on a sexy kimono to hide broad shoulders. Look for a sheer style so you can disguise your upper body while still showing some skin.

3. Complement your skin tone

Color has a dramatic effect on your appearance (and your mood) so choose wisely.

The most important thing is to choose colors that complement your skin tone. White and black are popular lingerie colors, but they make pale skin look even more pasty. Nude tones and bright colors flatter most skin tones.

Have some fun with this! Choose colors that make you feel sexy, girly, vampy – or whatever aspect of your personality you want to channel that day.

feminine lingerie for crossdressers and transgender women

4. Be impeccable with your grooming

Let’s face it – there’s nothing sexy about hair peeking out of your bra or panties!

If you are going to wear beautiful lingerie, be sure your grooming habits are up to par. Shave or wax regularly and apply lotion daily so you are always prepared to show some skin.

So what do you think, girlfriend? Lingerie is one of my favorite things in the world and I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts. Do you have a favorite piece of lingerie that makes you feel ultra feminine?

Please tell me about it in the comments section below!


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  1. Thanks for all your tips! Stockings (black & tan), bikini and bra, and a dark black wig with makeup all accentuate my appearance and alleviate anxiety about the masculinity I’m still forced to project on occasion, like all the other ladies here, but the advice here is so helpful. I will add ruffled panties to my list, as one of the only things about my body I’m disappointed with are skinny hips (face, shoulders, boobs, hands, butt and legs are fine; height (6’0″) and hips aren’t :( this helps one. I can’t do anything about the other. I encourage any ladies here to look me up on Facebook. I think we should all be friends. I am not ashamed of my femininity. None of us should be.

    Cheers to all, Anika

  2. I am a man – not trans anything, and I’ve been a woman’s escort since 1993.

    Several of my clients are bisexual women so I shave my entire crotch, my armpits, my butt and just the part of my chest that would be covered by a bra.

    This shaving style is the best way to give my clients the best of both worlds (sexy man during the day but smooth sexual parts like a woman at night) and I am very kind & considerate – like most women, but I do not behave feminine by any stretch of the imagination.

    I am truly any woman’s best romantic lover imaginable who is a very powerful man.

    I don’t have breast implants because I know how much trouble they could be for my body healthwise but I have been using a set of breast cups with a pump to give myself bigger, female-looking breasts and I’ve gone from a flat manly chest to a C Cup bra in approximately one year’s time.

    The Sales Pitch

    I’m not trying to take advantage of this forum group but I’d be a fool if I didn’t at least let you know what I offer women (even trannies) and explain how you can acquire my services.

    My regular clients – who are mostly busy professional women with a few transsexuals & transgenders who are just too busy to go out looking for a good man, will send $8,000 USD to my online bank account so I can pick them up at the airport to spend 5 of the most incredible days with me.

    This can all be arranged via email if interested & if you contact me at the email address below.

    The cost is a lot lower than it was when I used to work for some guy where I was called a Woman’s Escort because he made me charge $100/hour.

    Although, now that I do pretty much the same things for women for my own business, I call myself a Professional Companion w/Benefits for Women Only. The rate works out to be about $4,17 an hour too, which is much less than before

    The email address I promised above is ** and no, I never play games when talking about what I do or with anyone’s heart either.

    Looking forward to being with you,
    Mr. Michael

  3. Like all of the other gurls. i love sexy panties and a bra. I work as a man but wear silky panties every day with a lace garterbelt and lace top stockings, and of course a matching bra. love Lane Bryant plunge bras.

  4. My favorite pieces of lingerie are a pair of silky panties with a matching bra. Along with a very snug corset. It just makes me sit and daydream.

  5. For me the ultimate expression of femininity is a bra …. is the most feminine that exists and not comparable to any male garment … if you join panties and a garter belt stockings with lovely ….

  6. My personal favorite lingerie is a nice colorful bra, matching panties, a nice corset with garters attached to stockings. Colorful bra and panties are playful and sexy and the bra provides great cleavage. The corset helps to provide a feminine figure and the stockings make my legs look great. When I wear lingerie like this, I usually get a lot of positive feedback.

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