7 Belly-Flattening Fashion Tricks for Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women


A slim waist is an important symbol of feminine beauty. So does that mean all hope is lost if your tummy is your trouble spot? Absolutely not, girlfriend! Keep reading to discover 7 belly-flattening fashion tricks for crossdressers and MTF transgender women: Trick #1: Wear a shaping camisole Corsets and girdles will certainly pull you… Continue Reading

3 Feminine Movement Mistakes to Avoid

What’s the secret to being a super hot woman? In my opinion, it’s all about mastering your MOVEMENTS! Maybe you’ve seen it for yourself: the plain Jane woman whose sexy walk turns heads vs. the beautiful girl whose dude-like swagger kills her looks. How feminine are YOUR movements? Do you project femininity when you walk… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Boost Your Feminine Sex Appeal


Summer is officially HERE – and you know what that means … Revealing clothes and bare skin! This is definitely the time of year we girls want to feel our sexiest and most confident. Keep reading to discover my top 3 tips to boost your feminine sex appeal (without ever crossing the line from sexy… Continue Reading

What is Your Best Feminine Feature?

best feminine features for crossdressers and transgender women

I know you are working hard to be a fabulous female. But sometimes you gotta take a break from all that self improvement stuff to appreciate how awesome you are NOW. That’s why I’d like to invite you to do a little bragging … What is your BEST feminine feature? Is it your long legs,… Continue Reading

Do You Want to Blend In or Stand Out as a Woman?

transgender woman passing

In a previous blog post, I wrote about “passing” vs. “blending in” as a woman. Too many crossdressers and transgender women are so hung up on passing that they don’t let themselves take that first step out. Or if they’re out, they let their happiness be determined by where they fall on the passability scale…. Continue Reading

When Did You First Know You Were a Girl?

Inside the Transgender World

Watch the ABC Primetime Nightline episode: “(Extra)Ordinary Family: Inside the Transgender World” Did you see the ABC special that aired this week, “(Extra)Ordinary Family: Inside the Transgender World”? I thought it was a great look at crossdressing, transgender and transsexual kids. BRAVO to their supportive families! (Sorry, Charles Kane, I disagree – I think children… Continue Reading