Top 5 Pantyhose Rules

pantyhose2What could be more feminine than a pair of silky smooth pantyhose?

I get a ton of questions about this topic, so let’s talk PANTYHOSE.

As you’ve probably noticed, not many genetic women wear pantyhose these days. But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t wear them … It’s all about choosing hose that make you look sexy and stylish – not like you stepped out of a time warp from the 80’s.

Follow these 5 pantyhose rules and I guarantee you won’t go wrong:

1. Only wear nude or black pantyhose.

Stick to the basics when it comes to hosiery. Only wear nude or black pantyhose. (Colored tights are a different story. See #5.)

For black hose, only wear jet black – not gray-black or brown-black.

2. Go for sheer nude hose that match your skin tone.

The #1 rule for nude hose is to match your skin tone as closely as possible. Don’t even think about “suntan” pantyhose unless that’s your actual skin tone! (Come on, who tans their legs only?)

The #2 rule is to buy the sheerest hose you can find. Nude hose should be like the foundation you wear on your face: invisible, but enhancing.

High-end hose brands like Donna Karan and Calvin Klein offer lots of nude shades to choose from so you should be able to find a perfect match in a beautiful, sheer tone.

3. Wear the best quality hose you can afford.

Most TG girls have great legs, so it pays to show them off with good pantyhose. There’s a big difference between drug store brands and department store brands. High quality hose give your legs a smooth, polished sheen.

4. Coordinate your hose to your shoes.

Wear black hose with black shoes for the most streamlined look. Wear nude hose with brown, metallic, or colored shoes.

And remember – NO pantyhose with open toe shoes!

5. Try tights.


Tights are a great alternative to pantyhose – especially when it’s cold out. (A P.S. to the U.K. ladies who call pantyhose and tights the same thing: In the U.S. tights are made of thicker material.)

The pantyhose rules DON’T apply to tights, so experiment with different colors, styles, and textures. Funky tights can totally make an outfit!

By the way, did you know that clothes are the FIRST thing people see before they make a first impression? That’s why it pays to get this right! Check out The Ultimate En Femme Fashion Guide to discover the essential fashion rules for TG girls and transform your feminine image. Click here to learn more.

Now, let’s continue the pantyhose conversation! What kind of pantyhose and/or tights do you like to wear? What are your favorite brands? What tips and tricks have you discovered?

Leave me your comments below!


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  1. Totally agree I love pantyhose especially high end good quality hose mostly wear nude cause I think they look best and most natural only wear black in the winter months along with fishnets

  2. Totally agree I love pantyhose and I always buy high end good quality as for shades it is always sheer 10 denier and nude pantyhose are my standard with occasional jet black mostly black in winter with fishnets too otherwise I am typically wearing nude hose

  3. Since I don’t have many opportunities to dress en femme, I go pretty basic with L’Eggs and Hanes. Love the darkest black hose I can find and the sheerest nude to make my legs shimmer. Would rather enjoy color coordinating my skirts and slacks with some purple, brown, and navy blue tights.

  4. I’m a Starr married male. Had 2 knee replacement surgeries. My doctor required I wear medical compression pantyhose for swelling and edema. It was 7 months ago. Felt weird. Now I not only accept wearing this garment, I love wearing pantyhose. In fact I started shaving my legs 5 months ago and keep them shaved once a week. I wished I had worn them years ago. My hosiery drawer is now larger than my wife’s. She supports it. My next challenge is to wear with shorts publicly. I’m not into full CD, but then again I was saying the same thing about pantyhose, stockings and garter belts seven months ago. I am now considering wearing panties for better comfort with my pantyhose. Thank you for the tips.

  5. My favorite is Haines thigh high, with a lacey top, in black. I used to wear pantyhose, and like the feel in the private area, but for dressing fully I think the thigh highs are better.

  6. I love sheer feel and look of stockings I normal wear thigh highs stocks or tights! Cis-woman are missing out on this feel and look in my believe…

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