How to Pass as a Woman in 7 Seconds

Did you know that you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression?

That means that you’ve only got 7 seconds to blend in or pass as a woman! After that, people’s judgements have been cast and are almost impossible to change.

So how can you be sure that people see you as the fab female you truly are?

I won’t lie – having a pretty face helps, but it’s often the little details that make or break a first impression.

Keep reading to discover my top 5 tips for making a stunning first impression!

1. Set an intention

The first step to making a great impression is deciding WHAT impression you want to make …

Is your goal to blend in as just another girl going about her day … or is it to stick out as a gender bending fashion diva? Do you want to be noticed for your style, your sophistication … or maybe just your great legs?

Once you know your intention, it’s a lot easier to channel that energy through your appearance and interactions with people.

2. Check your accessories

A first impression has less to do with your natural born looks as it does with all the little details that make up your image. I’m talking about your clothes, makeup, hair, jewelry, shoes, etc.

Your shoes and bag in particular say loads about you, your fashion sense, and even your status – so make sure these accessories reflect the impression you are trying to make.

3. Don’t wear too much perfume

I know this seems like an obvious tip, but it must be said: Wearing too much perfume offends people and makes you seem like you are trying too hard! It’s a good way to ruin an otherwise great impression.

How much perfume is too much? Unless somebody is close enough to touch you, they should NOT be able to smell your perfume.

4. Be aware of your body language

Body language is important, ESPECIALLY when you are making a first impression. Your posture and body language should tell the world that you are a classy, confident woman who deserves respect.

If you really want to master feminine body language, try video taping yourself. You might discover some “surprises” – like jerky movements or slouched shoulders – that you weren’t aware of in real life.

5. Make eye contact

Your eyes reveal more about you than you probably realize. Avoiding eye contact gives the impression that you have low self esteem or have something to hide. Not what you need for a first impression! So be bold and look people straight in the eye. (And don’t forget to smile!)

There is so much more I could say about this topic, but I wanted to keep things short and sweet. Instead, I’d like to invite you to share YOUR best tips for making a great first impression. Please share your comments with me below!


P.S. I’d like to give a big thanks to Sophia Lane for suggesting this topic on my Facebook Page. What other topics would you like to read about on this blog??? Are there any specific questions you’d like me to answer? Your feedback means a lot to me, so please let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. I want very much to have very long hair. I haven’t cut it for 20 yrs, but it wont grow past my butt, & for me, that is way too short. Would like to know any hints to get even longer hair

    • Hello, Esther. I’d just like to share my opinion on long hair, because I used to want very long hair, just like you.
      Unfortunately, if your hair is too long, it becomes very difficult to take care of, and it actually splits faster.
      If I may suggest, you should try keeping your hair at shoulder length, because this way it’s much more flattering and feminine, and softens your facial features… hair that is too long actually tends to highlight the rough angles of your face.
      I learned all my little tips from Lucille, and I’m very thankful for that. I hope to hear from you soon.

      Love and Lipstick,
      <3 Jasmine

  2. Several years ago, I discovered Jessica McKlintock Silk Ribbons. It works well with my body chemistry, and is feminine, without being “little old lady” floral or “trampy ninteen sixties spicy”. Used as body lotion, instead of perfume, gives just a hint of scent, without being overpowering.

  3. “Is your goal to blend in as just another girl going about her day … or is it to stick out as a gender bending fashion diva?”

    Dang it! I messed up already!

    I’d rather be a head turning, drop dead, make em all green with envy super woman… is there a tutorial for that Ms. Lucille?

  4. 1. Set an intention: To present myself as an attractive woman, the type of woman that men want to have sex with. The type that men want to date or as they desire as a housewife. Under everything I am a woman. I wear false lifelike and realistic female body parts to make me feel like a woman. They are lifelike artificial breast forms and a female vulva attached to me using medical grade adhesive to hold them on me like real and natural body parts. Having these body parts on me make me feel like a nude woman without clothing on.

    2. Check your accessories: I have the clothes, makeup, jewelry and hair (wigs). I wear short sexy black cocktail dresses (li’l black dress) when on a date with a man. My dresses display my femininity and womanly features and hide my maleness. My undergarments are retro and vintage in style. Bra, pantygirdle, garter belt or corset with garters because I love wearing stockings, especially back seemed hose. Usually black hose but sometimes suntan or light brown. I also like a faux fur wrap.
    If I am going more casual or for the housewife look I wear a light colored, light weight wispy type of dresses, mostly back zip. White or beige underthings, bra, panties, garter belt and hose.
    I do not over do my makeup. I want to look like a real and natural woman. Mostly red lipstick but on occasion a shade of pink. I try for a pouty look on my lips and mouth and like it is made for kissing or sucking a man. My fingernails and toenails are always the color as my lipstick. Of course I use a complexion matching base foundation with a pink blush on my cheeks along with light blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner, trimmed eyebrows, and false eye lashes for that flirty look and add a touch of mascara to my bottom lashes.
    For jewelry I like large gold hoop earrings that will stick out of my hair or long dangling faux diamond. I do not have a very pronounced Addams apple but do like wearing a one inch wide choker around my neck and also bracelets. I would love to have a wedding band on my wedding finger if I were a married woman and wife.
    My preferred hairstyle is a long pageboy cut with bangs that frames my face and hangs down long enough to hide the girth of my neck.
    For evening and out on a date or clubbing I carry a clutch purse in my hands. For daytime or casual I carry a shoulder strap bag. In either of these bags are the usual contents of a woman’s purse; hairbrush, spare makeup and lipstick, perfume, female picture ID and tampons.
    I am 5’8″ tall and do not like being taller than my man so I usually keep my heels in the 2 to 3 inch range but if I am dating a real tall guy I will sometimes wear 4″ heels, although 2 to 3 inch heels are easier to walk in.

    3. Don’t wear too much perfume: Although I sometimes wear other brands, Giorgio is my favorite fragrance. I do receive bottles of women’s cologne and perfume as gifts from men I date and the men I date treat me as a woman. I do not over do my perfume though just adding a light squirt to my throat and a touch on my bosom and a light touch on my bottom. Recently I have also been adding female pheromones in conjunction with my perfume. The pheromones I like as a sexual attractant to give me the scent of a woman in heat and attract men.

    4. I have video taped myself myself while practicing walking, standing and carrying myself as a woman. I study my gestures, mannerisms and movements. I DO NOT want to appear as a limp wristed fag and want to appear as a real and natural woman. I sit with my knees together or legs crossed. If I turn to walk away from a man I turn and smile and wiggle my butt for him as if it is an invitation.

    5. Make eye contact: I like flirting and batting my eyelashes at men, and that takes direct eye contact. A seductive smile also helps contribute to the invitation.

    My messages can be relayed to someone, especially a man within 7 seconds.

    • Julie-lisa,
      You certainly sound like u know what u are doing!!!
      How did u manage to develop a feminine voice?

  5. this as all been very interesting and I must say that I was very shy about coming out as a female ! I have been hiding this for a long time ! but with your help and all the other comments here I now know I am not alone on just how I feel ! now I have been doing your masage on the breast and the herbs to make my breast larger ! also been listen to all the tapes to make me into the female I so want to be ! yea ! I am still in the closet yet but coming out so much more now !

    • Teasha,
      You are certainly not alone out there.
      You’re also not alone in being very shy, I’ve cross-dressed for over 30 years off and on but in the last couple of years I suddenly seem to have a strong desire to do so much more. But my shyness means I fear I will never get to where I want to be, despite some of the inspirational posts on this site.
      Good luck,

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