How to Become a Sexy Woman: 4 Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women


Want to know the secret to becoming a sexy woman? Here’s what it’s NOT: Wearing super short skirts and stripper heels Putting on huge breast forms Pouting your lips and sticking your butt out True sexiness is a state of mind! There are lots of small things you can do to boost your feminine sex… Continue Reading

3 Words to Describe Yourself? (Male to Female Transformation Inspiration)


Want to know the #1 secret to creating an alluring feminine image? No, it’s not spending a bunch of money on breast forms, makeup, and clothes… The secret lies in deciding WHAT you want your image to communicate! A great way to do this is to choose 3 words that describe your ideal femme self. For… Continue Reading

3 Unexpected Ways to Be More Feminine (Male to Female Transformation Tips)


Putting on a dress and lipstick aren’t the only ways to express your femininity. (We women are more complex than that!) That’s why I wanted to go beyond the obvious and share some “unexpected” ways to be more feminine. Ready to boost your womanly allure? Try these 3 tips: 1. Buy a new perfume The… Continue Reading

When Did You First Know You Were a Girl? (For Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women)


There’s a common theme I’ve noticed with most of “my girls”… It’s that they’ve known who they are from a very early age. What about you? When did YOU first know you were a girl – or had a feminine side? Have you known since you were young or did the realization blossom later in… Continue Reading

Top 5 Pantyhose Rules (Male to Female Transformation Tips)


What could be more feminine than a pair of silky smooth pantyhose? I get a ton of questions about this topic, so let’s talk PANTYHOSE. As you’ve probably noticed, not many women wear pantyhose these days. But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t wear them. The secret is to choose hose that make you look sexy… Continue Reading

The Top 5 Male to Female Makeup Mistakes


Makeup can have an amazing impact on your appearance – IF you apply it correctly. Unfortunately, makeup is the single skill “my girls” tell me they struggle with most. I know you want to be your most beautiful femme self – and the first step to achieving this is to avoid these common male to female makeup… Continue Reading

How to Look Hot in Feminine Lingerie (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Whether you’re an occasional crossdresser or live as a woman full time, lingerie is a great way to connect with your femme self. How can you NOT feel totally girly in a pretty lace bra and panties? But let’s face it… It’s hard to hide your flaws when you are practically naked! Here’s how to… Continue Reading

How Do You “Label” Yourself? (Gender Identity Q&A)


When I tell people about my work with the TG/CD community, I occasionally get responses like: “Oh, you mean drag queens?” Or… “You work with transvestites?” There’s a lot of ignorance out there and I get annoyed when people mislabel “my girls”. The fact that there are so many identities under the transgender umbrella only… Continue Reading

Where to Find Women’s Shoes in Your Size (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Note from Lucille: This is a guest post from Alex of Isy B. Shoes. Enjoy – and if you know any other resources for large size women’s shoes, be sure to share them with us below! A beautiful pair of shoes can give you a boost of confidence — and show the world just who… Continue Reading

Lingerie Poll: For Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women


Do you love wearing lingerie? I’m guessing the answer is YES! There’s nothing as feminine as beautiful lingerie, so please take my LINGERIE POLL and share your thoughts below! What’s your favorite piece of lingerie to wear? How many bras do you own? How many panties do you  own? What’s your favorite panty style?