A Breast Enlargement Breakthrough

breastpump2I’ve never been a huge fan of breast enlargement pumps. Most pumps out there are useless pieces of junk.

Herbs, on the other hand, are easy and effective – and since they work on a hormonal level, their feminizing effects go beyond breast enlargement.

But recently, there’s been a BREAKTHROUGH in high quality, effective breast enlargement pumps. And I’ve seen such great results from these gadgets that I finally changed my mind!

Here are 2 reasons to start using a breast enlargement pump:

1. Breast enlargement pumps stimulate breast growth through tissue expansion.

Studies show that applying tension to an area leads to tissue growth. Surgeons use this technique (known as “tissue expansion”) to regenerate skin, bones and other tissues.

Guess what? It also works for breasts! Applying vacuum pressure to your breasts stimulates real growth over the long run.

2. Breast enlargement pumps give you an instant size boost.

Besides long-term growth, breast pumps give you an instant size boost by increasing blood flow to the breasts. This swelling only lasts a few hours, but you can enjoy the results in the meantime. Who couldn’t use a breast boost before going out or stepping in front of the camera?

The breast enlargement pump you get matters. A lot of pumps come in one size only, are uncomfortable and don’t provide the optimal suction for growth. Stay away from these.

Two models that work well for TG women are the Noogleberry and Bosom Beauty. Both have different-sized domes for a custom fit.

The Noogleberry costs about $60 and has a hand pump, while the Bosom Beauty is $130 for the airlock manual system and $490 for the Bosom Beauty 2012 mechanical pump system. The Bosom Beauty 2012 has the strongest suction, but the drawback is that you have to stay hooked to a machine while you use it. Both can be used for 30 minutes to 1 hour per day.

But don’t think this means you should give up herbs. Combine a pump with the herb and massage routine outlined in The Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program and the results will amaze you!

Now I’d like YOUR feedback! Have you ever used a breast enlargement pump? How did it work? Do you have any tips or suggestions to share with me and the rest of the girls? Leave me your comments below!


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  1. Hi girls its so much fun being a girl isn’t it I’m curious I haven’t started transition yet still just a crossdresser currently but I’m surely thinking of transitioning in the near future I haven’t even been dressing lately as much as I’ve wanted to things have been rough for a while but moving forward slowly okay now about those breast pumps are you using Lucille’s breast enhancement program and are you using them with the breast pump

  2. Hello Lucille,
    I’ve recently purchased a Noogleberry breast pump and a nipple pump. I have been using both now for about 2 weeks, and the nipple pump is awesome. My nipples are now about 1.5 inches long and 1.0 inches wide.
    And the areolas are about 2.0 inches wide, and they are both very perky and firm. The breasts seem to have increased somewhat in size, but I can’t quite tell yet for sure. Anyhow I do like the results so far, and I will keep on pumping. Thanks for all your help.

  3. Hi Lucille,
    I purchased the noogleberry breast pump with the large cones and have been using it regularly now for approximately 1.5 months. I’m seeing really fantastic results, my breasts are definitely a C-cup now, my bras fit so much better, and my breasts are continuing to grow bigger. Thank you so much for recommending the noogleberry system.
    Love ya,

    • After reading Katherine’s comments on the size of her nipples and areolas I decided to purchase the noogleberry nipple pump as well. I ordered the large nipple cups and also ordered a set of the extra large breast cups (D-cup) for future use. I’m hoping my breasts will continue to develop larger.

  4. I’ve used a pump from time to time and it does seem to have helped.
    And probably really would if I did it I stayed with it more than a month or so at a time.

    I’ve had fantastic results using massage and some of the herbs Lucille list in her program. But I’ve had to stay dedicated to my regimen. Buts its been oh so worth it.

    2 full cups and still growing

  5. I’ve used Lucille’s message method and had an increase in breast size. Now its time to move on to other methods. Doctor’s care and other professional help and advice. Thank’s Lucille for your flat to femme program, it really works.

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