The Top 3 Beard Concealers

Of all the beauty flaws out there, nothing is as bad as having a visible beard shadow!

Your best bet is to get rid of your beard through laser hair removal or electrolysis. If you can’t do that you’ll need a close shave and a good concealer.

There are a lot of options out there, but here are the top 3 beard concealers I recommend:

dermablend transgender feminization 1. Dermablend Cover Crème

The “mother” of all beard covers and a TG favorite, Dermablend Cover Crème ($32) is heavy enough to cover scars, tattoos, bruises, and beard shadows. On the down side, it’s very thick and can look cakey. Dermablend is best for evenings or low light situations when you can get away with heavy makeup.

mac transgender feminization 2. MAC Full Coverage Foundation

MAC Full Coverage Foundation ($26) is another TG favorite. It’s a cake foundation that offers great coverage and is used by pros for beauty photography. The MAC foundation is lighter than Dermablend, so it looks more natural.

Note: MAC Full Coverage Foundation is only available in MAC Pro stores or by calling 1-800-866-6464 to order.

colortration transgender feminization 3. Colortration

Colortration Super Concealing Liquid Makeup ($37) is another great option for covering your beard shadow. In fact, many girls swear by it. Colortration is a highly concentrated liquid concealer, so it goes on smoother and looks more natural than crème covers.

Your best bet is to order Colortration’s six color trial kit ($17) so you can find your best shade. Order online or by calling 1-888-350-4505.

No matter which concealer you use, keep these two things in mind:

  1. Pat (don’t rub!) the concealer on.
  2. Apply powder between concealer layers.

What’s YOUR favorite beard concealer? Let me know by leaving a comment below! I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Laser hair removal huh! does it really make it go bye bye cause I’m tired of the stuff girls aint supposed to have beards

  2. yes that’s what I’ve got to start doing giving my skin proper care I might even be pretty one day soon

  3. Thank you Lucille honey I guess I will be needing some concealer I do worry it will look heavy or cakey but I’ll have to try it never used any before though and passed I think it’s been a couple of years though I went to Olive Garden for lunch it felt really good in the summer at that it was hot 100 or more I had just went for therapy en femme it was nice too

  4. Loving Kay Von D concealer and powder as a set recently. Her stuff is meant to cover tattoos so it covers very well on my dark facial hair areas (on my lighter skin tone!! :c ) but is surprisingly not cakey like I was imagining it would be.

    Also for those with more sensitive and breakout-prone skin, Cover FX is wonderful because they’re organic and are allergens conscious while still having super powerful coverup power very similar to Kat. It’s what I’ve been using but I’ve gotten more adventurous now that I’ve been treating my skin with the correct skincare.

  5. To Woman with face, try an orange concealer or a orange lipstick under your foundation.
    Dermablend or Covergirl simply ageless, are two foundations that work well for me. Being accidentally born a boy gives me lots of shadow to hide.

  6. I have pcos and it’s causes facial hair. So I been shaving every day for the past 17 years, which have caused heavy dark spots all over my face, well the beard and cheeks area. I wear foundation but you still can tell I have a full blown beard sometimes I think people wonders if I am a man. So my question is it something out there for me to use.

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