Top 6 Hairstyles for Crossdressers and Transgender Women

Want to look younger, prettier, and more feminine? Try changing your HAIRSTYLE! I can’t think of a faster way to improve your appearance.

The trick is to chose a hairstyle that not only looks great, but flatters your facial features and overall body shape.

Classically beautiful female faces tend to have small features, large eyes, and full lips. That means you need a hairstyle that plays down your nose, brow bone, chin, and jawline – while playing up your eyes and lips. Your hair should also be in proportion with your body.

Here are my top 6 hairstyles for transgender women: (Note: these rules apply whether you wear a wig or style your own natural hair.)

1. Side swept bangs

Bangs are a great option for transgender women since they draw attention to your eyes while hiding a prominent brow ridge. Bangs also have a youthening effect. Straight bangs highlight a large nose and strong facial features, so go for soft, side swept bangs instead.

2. Layers

Layered hairstyles are much more flattering than hair that is all one length. Face framing layers soften your features and add texture and volume to your hair.

3. Soft waves

Soft waves are super sexy and feminine. Waves also add volume to your hair, making thin hair appear fuller. Most transgender women look great with full, wavy hair that balances out strong facial features and a larger body frame.

Side swept bangsLayersSoft waves


4. Shoulder length hair

Shoulder length hair is the best option for most women, including transgender women. Hair that’s too long drags down your face and looks “old Barbie” after a certain age, while hair that’s too short can look masculine. Shoulder length hair is very feminine and conceals a strong jaw and thick neck.

P.S.: I realize that you may need to keep your hair short. A lot of girls have asked me to recommend short feminine hairstyles, so I promise to talk about this in next week’s blog post!

5. Side parts

Middle parts are an absolute DON’T for most TG women since they make your face look longer and highlight a big nose and chin. Side parts are much softer and can be worn by anybody with any face shape.

6. Highlights

Finally, don’t forget about color! Highlights brighten your face and look softer than a single block of color. There are lots of options besides blonde highlights – women with dark hair look fantastic with light brunette or auburn highlights.

Shoulder length hair
Side partHighlights


You’re probably sensing a theme here, right? The idea is to think SOFT – soft cuts, soft texture, soft color – to balance masculine features. Remember, just because a hairstyle is cute doesn’t mean it is appropriate for you.

Now let’s look at some DON’Ts:

Straight bangs
Too long, too blonde!Center part


OK, my dear. What about YOUR hairstyle? Are you happy with it or is it time for a change? I’d love to see your hair, so post your photos and comments below!


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  1. Thanks for your great advice… I have long,black & curly hair. Always looking out for tips with different hairstyles.

  2. Okay first I don’t have any recent photos of my hair it is shoulder length its receding slightly maybe a little more then that I could most likely use a new style layered is very cute in my opinion and as for color a big yes there with some highlights would help my hair is fairly curly but not that curly just about right I think maybe a little curlier then I think spirals I think is the term about finger size but loose I don’t think I have any bangs left stop receding hair trying to talk to it I know no help

  3. Tips really were really wonderful. Wish my hair was long down to my waist – wud have wore it in frenchbraid with pearls in it or chignon with red rose in it or high bun with jasmine garland around it. M cd.

  4. I am very new to this at age 58. Always though about becoming a
    woman but I have not been brave enough to step into the spotlight yet.
    I am a selfie only right now and I could really use some tips.

  5. Dear Lucille, I am trying to grow my hair out but it is taking a long time. I have a sort hairstyle and comb it with bangs but I feel I still have my work cut out for me. I think you are awesome to the male to female transgender community. Love, Emily

      • Hi Gemma, Thank’s for the complement! You just need to tke care of yourself and start a beauty care regiment and stick with it! I would tell you my age but, a lady doesn’t do that (hehe)! I will tell you that most everyone doesn’t believe me when they find out my age. If you follow Lucille’s advice about posing in photos and all her other advice, I’m sure you will look and feel more better about yourself! Again, thank’s for the complement! Diana

  6. Hi Lucille,
    Great post! I’m looking to get my (longish) hair cut soon to donate for cancer patients, but would like to try a new hairstyle and still mostly live in boy mode. Any ideas for androgynous hairstyles that I could wear as a male at work and slightly more feminine outside of work?

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