Top 6 Makeup Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women

Is makeup a mystery to you? Do you feel like you have two left hands when it comes to applying makeup? Does your makeup make you look more like a drag queen than a beauty queen?

If the answer is yes, my latest blog post is for you!

The good news is that ANYBODY can master the art of beautiful makeup. You just need the right strategies.

Model: Kayh Anderson

To get you started, here are my top 6 makeup tips for crossdressers and transgender women:

1. Invest in good makeup brushes

Quite simply, it’s impossible to apply masterful makeup without the right tools.

Forget about the tiny, cheap applicators that come packaged with eyeshadow, blush, powder, etc. Upgrading to high quality brushes will immediately upgrade the look of your makeup.

Here are the basic brushes you should own:

  1. Foundation brush
  2. Concealer brush
  3. Powder brush
  4. Blush brush
  5. Flat eyeshadow brush
  6. Eyeshadow blending brush
  7. Lip brush

2. Use color correctors

If you have skin issues like a beard shadow, blemishes, or dark circles under your eyes, the solution is NOT to bury them under thick concealer. Your makeup will look much more natural if you start with a color corrector.

The idea behind color correctors is to use a complimentary tone to neutralize imperfections. This allows you to achieve beautiful skin with less makeup.

For example, you should use a pink or red corrector to neutralize a dark beard shadow – or a green corrector to neutralize redness.

You can find color corrector tutorials on YouTube or learn the basics from makeup artist Chris Scott in my Stepping Out Secrets Program.

3. Don’t ignore your eyebrows

A mistake I see many crossdressers and transgender women make is leaving the house with ungroomed eyebrows.

Since eyebrows create the frame for your face, they are literally one of the first things people notice about you. Why allow misshaped brows ruin an otherwise good makeup look?

If you can, get your eyebrows professionally shaped. A good esthetician can groom your eyebrows so they look good in both girl and guy mode (if need be).

Also, be sure to check out my previous article on eyebrow feminization (including a step-by-step video tutorial).

4. Practice, practice, practice

Makeup is like any other skill – the more you practice, the better you get. And the better you get at doing your makeup, the prettier and more convincing you will look as a woman.

A fun way to practice is to find makeup tutorials on YouTube that you can follow along with. Here are some good ones:

5. Book a lesson with a professional makeup artist

If you struggle with your makeup skills, one of the best investments you can make is a lesson with a professional makeup artist.

A good makeup artist will teach you proper makeup application techniques, help you find your best colors, and ensure that you are applying your makeup correctly. This is important because all the practice in the world won’t help if you are only reinforcing bad technique.

6. Take good care of your skin

Your skin is literally the canvas for your makeup.

Proper skin care can go a long way towards improving your skin’s texture and appearance. Not only will this make you look better, it’ll help your makeup go on smoother and last longer.

Here are 3 simple skin care tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid using harsh soaps on your face. Use gentle facial cleansers only.
  • Apply facial moisturizer daily.
  • Use a face mask at least every other week. (This is a great ritual for pampering your inner woman!)

Ready to learn more?

Check out my previous article, How to Feminize Your Face, for more male to female makeup tips and techniques.

Or download my Stepping Out Secrets Program to learn all the essential makeup skills every crossdresser or TG woman should know. (Get access to 5 easy-to-follow video tutorials taught by a professional makeup artist Chris Scott.)

As always, I’d love to hear from you!

Do you struggle with makeup or have you mastered this skill? What is the #1 makeup tip or trick you’ve learned?

Please share in the comments below!


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  1. Hi Lucille I don’t really have any makeup tips at all yet but Paul has given me a tip brow stencils that is a good idea thanks Paul (Laurie) I’m not sure if there still popular but I know there used to be different shades of mascara blue, green, and maybe more of course that was the mid 90’s so I don’t know maybe their still around I like the black myself I’m not very practiced at putting it on yet the worst thing for me now is I cant see as well anymore I need magnification or really I need my eyes fixed but that’s another story Love M.J.

  2. Hi Lucille and all you other girls out there I hope how soon my check arrives so I can get started being myself again it seems like forever since I’ve been able to dress my life is on hold until my check arrives I’m stuck here at my sisters in male mode and have been since Thanksgiving 2014 I’m grateful that she took me in for sure she just doesn’t understand how tough life can be without being able to be yourself she thinks its a choice this life we live I’ve told her why would anyone choose any of it but she still sticks with her opinion I guess from her perspective it seems like a choice she just doesn’t understand the inner struggle and compromise some of us make because we love them more than we let ourselves force them to accept us if that makes any sense at all maybe I’m just speaking for myself mainly but I’ll bet there are a lot of us out there who do the same thing as I do or close to it Love M.J.

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