How to Walk Like a Woman

Your walk is a critical aspect of your feminine image. The two biggest mistakes I see crossdressers and transgender women make are:

  • Walking like men
  • Over-exaggerating their movements

In this article, I’m going to reveal how to achieve a natural, feminine walk. But first, let’s look at the 3 biggest differences between male and female walks:

  1. Men tend to walk with a “shoulder swagger”, while women sway their hips when they walk.
  2. Men have sharper movements, while women usually have more fluid movements.
  3. Men walk with longer strides than women do.

Here are my top 3 tips for walking like a woman:

1. Do the Hip Matrix

Most advice for TG women focuses on the mechanics of how to walk like a woman. But this advice ignores the fact that males carry more tension in their bodies and therefore have stiffer movements.

Until you learn how to “loosen up”, your feminine walk will always look stiff and unnatural.

My friend Rob Brinded is a movement specialist and one of the foremost experts in male/female movement reprogramming. His “Matrix” exercises are designed to release tension and free up your body movements so you can walk like a woman.

Check out his “Hip Matrix” video below and then try it for yourself. If you do a test walk before and after the Hip Matrix, I promise you’ll be amazed by the difference! (You can learn more about Rob’s approach to feminine movement in my Stepping Out Secrets program.)

2. Wear high heels

Women have a lower center of gravity than men due to their larger hips. This creates that sexy hip sway that’s characteristic of a feminine walk.

Forcing your hips to sway usually looks unnatural. Instead, practice walking in high heels. High heels change your center of gravity and exaggerate the forward curve of your spine. This helps release the hips, which naturally feminizes your movements.

You can enhance this effect by keeping your shoulders still when you walk. This forces you to use your hips for balance.

Once you’ve mastered hip walking in heels, you can practice the same movements in flat shoes. (Though why anybody would want to wear flats instead of heels is beyond me!)

3. Shorten your stride

Shortening your stride is another easy and effective way to feminize your walk.

The average woman’s step length (the distance from the toe of one foot to the toe of the opposite foot) is 26”. So if you want to be scientific about it, get out a ruler and measure your steps! Keep in mind that the higher your heels are, the shorter your steps should be.

There are other subtle elements that define a feminine walk, but these tips are a great place to start. Give them a try and let me know what you think! I’d also love to hear about any other movement tips or techniques you’ve found helpful.

As always, thank you for reading and participating!


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  1. You said at the start “crossdressers and transgender” and I was wondering if after doing the things you said is it possible to revert back to walking like a man easily? p.s. I haven`t left the closet and do not plan on it until I leave my parents house. signed Logan

  2. how do i walk in heals with out getting bad cramps in my calfs as soon as i stand up? help plz someone i need a friend near me to go out and do shopping or help me do everything the proper way plz. i live in new port richey fl

    • It all depends on the height of your heels, Samantha. If your feet / legs are cramping after you stand up in heels, you may need to adjust to a shorter heel first before moving on to a higher heel.

      I started off with 3″ heels when I was 16, but now, I’m 27 and can comfortably wear a 5″ heel. I hope this was useful. :)

      Love and Lipstick,
      <3 Jasmine

  3. I have bee practicing my walk in 6″ heels with short steps and my elbows in and am getting pretty good at it. I feel more feminine and the flowing stride seems to come more natural. Thanks for all the help and tips. I love being a woman and will never stop

  4. I have done the hip matrix from stepping out secrets and I really feel a hip sway when I walk regardless of wearing my heels.

  5. Hi Lucille,

    I hope you will forgive me if this little tip has already been shared. ELBOWS IN! After observing and making many efforts to emulate a woman walking, the thing that has helped me most is remembering to walk with my elbows pointed towards my body. My “natural instinct” is to hunch my shoulders with elbows out, but OMG….what a felling it is to purposely suck in your tummy…a corset helps, stand straight, and walk with elbows in! The hip swing and “finding my center” comes quite natural after that. Please observe my “sashy” at a dressing room in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

    Love you!


  6. Dear lucille
    Thanks for this educating webpage. I myself was a tomboy i began to hate the way i dress and walk when i become an undergraduate. I am 21 years old and I have changed my dressing code to dressing girl’sjeans and tops and skirts sometimes bt i never tried putting on a dress simply because my walking is very bad, i walk like a guy and i feel uncomfortable in a dress. i real want to change my walk to feminine walking because am about to finish my study and one of the day i’m gonna find myself having a job and i need to wear fashion and official and walk like a woman for people to show respect on me. i tried by all means but i find it realy difficult to change my walking.

    • Cornelia, as Lucille suggests, use heels-not real high 3″ plenty, it won’t happen in a hurry-but it will happen. Try walking down a ramp in heels with long strides-guess where you’ll finish FLAT ON YOUR FACE. I came close the other day!.

    • I can’t vouch for them yet because I’m not in a situation where I can safely walk like a woman yet… but there’s Lucille’s Stepping Out Secrets module on Movement she alludes to above. Also some people make some interesting claims about certain feminization hypnosis programs’ ability to help your subconscious to “automate” a feminine walk based on your years of observing women walk.

      I’ve made the investments, so I’m looking forward to a change in scenery to try one or more of them out!

      Good luck! :)

      • You are so right about the heels. I can walk like a woman with heels because of the short steps and then swivel the hips. And I just love the clicking noise the heels make.




  8. This is kind of funny, but I can remember, when growing up, learning to walk with a book on top of my head. After a while one does not even think about things like walking or sitting and to me is about posture and being envious of boys as they could get away with slouching. I remember “don’t slouch, knees together.” I was more on the cowgirl side of life then being proper as those in the city were? But then somewhere in middle school or junior high it all seemed to change on us and had to learn how to walk and sit and allow boys to think a lot of themselves? Good grief.

    The point I am attempting to make is that a lot of things do not come natural and every one has to learn, well to be a proper lady, but then again not everyone has the same goals or life style and what on might do in the country is in part different than what one would do in the city.

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