Poll: Do You Travel En Femme?


I love to travel – and one of the things I love most about traveling is the opportunity to reinvent myself.

Whether I’m in an exotic spot like Bangkok or Cairo – or am exploring a new city closer to home – it’s a chance to see the world and myself with fresh eyes.

Needless to say, traveling is the perfect opportunity to crossdress or unleash your femme self away from the routine and expectations of home.

So I’d love to know …

Do you travel en femme?

Please take my poll and share your femme travel adventures (or dreams) below!


Do you travel en femme?

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  1. Hello, this is my first post,
    My best feminine assets are the buttocks, breasts, yes, I agree with you and I think in order to get the belly of the feminine must take some other things, deleted some meals daily and keep breakfast and compensate for it to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drinking fluids, with exercise or replaced by walking, I do this.

  2. Lucille, right now I am getting ready for a convention mid-state WA. I was just thinking how much fun it would be to go ‘en femme’ but of course it’s not possible. However, I am taking some of my personal skin essentials.

  3. I already commented, but another thing occurred to me which I would like to share. Some years back, while I still legally had a male name, I renewed my passport with a slightly femme photo. When entering Victoria, British Columbia, at the ferry landing, completely en femme, the Canadian inspector didn’t even blink. He did, however, remind me that I had forgotten to sign my passport. That was no problem, I just signed right on the spot (old name of course). It probably happens frequently. I had a lovely day shopping, strolling about, having lunch, the usual tourist stuff. Even got a compliment (Be still, my heart!). Returning to the US, once again, no problem at the entry, even with male name and (hopefully) female appearance. So, take heart.


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