Poll: Do You Travel En Femme?


I love to travel – and one of the things I love most about traveling is the opportunity to reinvent myself.

Whether I’m in an exotic spot like Bangkok or Cairo – or am exploring a new city closer to home – it’s a chance to see the world and myself with fresh eyes.

Needless to say, traveling is the perfect opportunity to crossdress or unleash your femme self away from the routine and expectations of home.

So I’d love to know …

Do you travel en femme?

Please take my poll and share your femme travel adventures (or dreams) below!


Do you travel en femme?

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  1. Hello Lucille I had to say no I don’t travel en femme mainly because I don’t travel as of yet but maybe in the future I may get the chance it might be nice to go someplace new as I am and come back a new person I have been thinking about it taking a trip to a state I’ve never been to before where my family took some pictures as they lived there before I was born there is one state where I can do three things I’ve been wanting to do and I just might the state is Colorado which is just one state over and to the north from Oklahoma this doesn’t sound like a bad idea I’ll have to check and see where Trinidad, Colorado is how to get there from here maybe go to Trinidad and get a makeover its a transgender friendly city from what I hear hmm should I make it first or last I’ll have to think about that next I need to go to Denver where my family lived and then just about anywhere I think to sample something I’ve been wanting to check out and then to Trinidad and home this just might work out for the best I haven’t been anywhere in along time and I could use a change of scenery for sure and Colorado is definitely good scenery way up in the mountains a little cooler the stars would be amazing up there and then change my scenery maybe I should go to Trinidad first and change my perspective and then look at the stars and scenery from a new perspective that sounds even better hmmm I’ll be back shortly Love M.J.

  2. I would love to do more traveling and yes I do travel in female mode. I hope one day to permanently dress fulltime in female attire, if I could only find an employer that would allow this, I would jump at the chance. Lucille ,I love your Site, xoxoxo hugs to you

  3. I am flying in fem on Thursday April 23rd and I am so excited. I have done all my homework and it seems no one cares what I wear as long as my ticket matches my ID (male). the only thing I am concerned about are other passengers. I will let all of you know how it goes when I get back home.

  4. I live my life 24/7 in fem plus my drivers licence legally reads female so it makes it easier on me. However there was a time that I was only part time fem and my licence read male. I was working in fem, I transitioned at my job but still hadnt told my father. It was relief once I told my dad because now I need no longer to hide the fact plus he accepted it fully. My daddys last words that stuck with me not too long before he passed was “I am proud of you, you are a good daughter”

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