Poll: Do You Travel En Femme?


I love to travel – and one of the things I love most about traveling is the opportunity to reinvent myself.

Whether I’m in an exotic spot like Bangkok or Cairo – or am exploring a new city closer to home – it’s a chance to see the world and myself with fresh eyes.

Needless to say, traveling is the perfect opportunity to crossdress or unleash your femme self away from the routine and expectations of home.

So I’d love to know …

Do you travel en femme?

Please take my poll and share your femme travel adventures (or dreams) below!


Do you travel en femme?

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  1. So far only from work to home and sometimes to my doctor appointments little by little getting more confident going out as a woman

  2. I love to dress up as beautiful as I can possibly dress to look and feel like the woman I truly am when I travel anywhere. I feel so free and wonderful to be myself. I go out of my way to look as much like a woman as I can possibly achieve. I used to get a little uneasy because I have had several cops pull me over for minor traffic violations and that has put me in awkward positions at times. One time the cop had me stand on the curve while he searched my vehicle for anything illegal. The reasoning was the way I was dressed. I was in downtown Memphis dressed in a little black dress with black garter stockings black lace thing panties to tuck my genitals away 5″ open toe high heels bright red nail polish on both my toes and hands I was wearing make up and a long blond wig. I mean Everybody that passed by either whistled or blew their horn at me. I got called a queer and faggot by walker boys so it was a touchy ordeal. That cop had me do all kinds of sobriety tests because he thought I was either high or drunk to be out dressed like a woman in the middle of the day. He detained me for over an hour but he had to let me go. I calmly went about my day. Since then I have had many encounters with the law but I had gotten comfortable with myself over time. I have been in some very skimpy outfits at times especially when I’d go to the beach. I’d be wearing a two piece sexy bikini with a sheer tank top for cover when I’d be driving and my beach sandals and got pulled over for speeding and went through a bit of a Hassel explaining why I was dressed in such a skimpy bathing suit and pretending to be a woman. He did have a good point to some degree because that bathing suit just barely contained my genitals so I was as close to nude as possible but I was laying out on the beach getting my tan just like all the other women. I did start walking from the hotel to the beach after that but I still wore very skimpy bathing suits for years after that. I can tell my life story when it comes to dressing as a woman when I travel because I have done that for years and years.

  3. I have always wanted to. the one opportunity i had i didn’t and I am glad because I was on all 4 planes with people I knew. I plan on traveling on an airplane soon en fem. I have driven through 2 states en fem.

  4. I was arrested when I tried to fly en femme as I didnt look like my passport photo even though I gave my male name

  5. I have just recently returned from my first trip where I flew as Joanne, it was a wonderful experience! It was a business trip and I had a connecting flight to my final destination. I decided it was too risky to fly en-femme from my home airport so I decided to transform to Joanne at the connecting airport. I took two small roll-on bags, one I checked with most of my clothes in and the second as a carry-on with Joanne’s clothes, make-up, breast forms, wig and clothes to change into. I had selected jeans, a striped blouse, cardigan and ballet flats for the onward journey. At the connecting airport I located a “family restroom”, changed clothes ( and gender!!) and applied some light make-up. I felt wonderful! I bought a coffee and the latest Vanity Fair and waited for my flight. No problems at all with the boarding process even though the ticket was obviously in my male name. I was seated next to a young lady but since my speech is not yet feminized enough for me to feel comfortable in a close conversation I buried my head in my magazine and everything was fine. At my destination I picked up my rental car and checked into the hotel. Again, no problems with either situation. I had that afternoon free and actually went shopping at one of the local malls and then out to dinner. The day just got better and better. Anyway, after my business was done I reversed the process. I checked in as Joanne using my male ID obviously. No problems whatsoever at the airline check-in or security. I did set off the alarm on the metal detector but that was because I had heels on and they just sent me back to put them through the x-ray machine and everything was fine. I was treated as a lady at all times. I sat next to a young male professional on the flight and I think he may have realized my transgender status but did nothing to make me uncomfortable. At the connecting airport I changed back to male mode and finished my trip. I really enjoyed the experience and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I hope if you get the chance you will have the confidence to travel as the wonderful lady you are! The one tip I would offer is to make sure you plan your flights so that you have time at the connecting airport to transition without having to hurry the process. Do what I did if you have to wait, grab a coffee and a magazine and watch the world go by!


    • Girls,

      I recently found that security administration’s regulation is totally in favor of us. It is completely legal to travel cross dressed.


      I’ve always feared that they might consider silicone breast forms to be dangerous since they could be concealed explosive, but the regulations explicitly state that we may wear them and that no one is allowed to ask us to remove them.
      Nobody is even allowed to ask us to look like in our ID photograph.
      What a relief! :)

      I do not know how is it in other countries, but I assume that aside some totalitarian countries and religion dominated governments, same rules would apply.

      Traveling dressed is a wonderful activity. Enjoy!


    • Even if you don’t pass through security en Femme, you can change clothes and do your makeup in the Family restrooms past security. I’ve done this and never had a problem.

  6. i always dress enfeme my breasts have increasd in size my butt and legs always looked good i have received complements and have been hit on a lot thank god

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