How to Get Feminine Cleavage

Sometimes a girl just wants to show off – and what better way to do so then with fabulous, feminine cleavage?

You have 3 options for creating cleavage:

  1. Tape
  2. The Diva Crossdresser Cleavage Enhancer
  3. The Nubra

The Nubra is my favorite cleavage creator. It’s fast and easy and will give you awesome cleavage – even if you have ZERO breasts!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Get a Nubra

The Nubra is a backless, strapless “stick-on” bra that adheres directly to the breasts. The cups are attached separately and then clasped, pulling the breasts together to create cleavage.

You can order the Nubra online or find it at Macy’s, Nordstroms and other department stores for around $30. Look for the Feather-Lite or Ultra-Lite styles.

2. Prep your chest

The Nubra requires a clean, smooth surface to adhere to. Shave your chest the night before and wash with soap and water immediately before applying the Nubra.

3. Attach the bra cups

Unclasp the Nubra so the cups are separated. Adhere the cups to your breasts, making sure they are positioned symmetrically on each side.

HINT: The further the cups are placed from each other, the more the cleavage you’ll be able to create.

4. Connect the clasps

Bending over slightly, pull your breasts together and clasp the bra in the middle. Viola – instant cleavage!

But we’re not done yet …

5. Put on a pushup bra and breast forms

Unless you have large breasts, you’ll want to add some curves to your cleavage. The Nubra should be worn under a pushup bra and breast forms. Place the breast forms in the outer bottom corners of your bra and tighten the bra straps for extra lift.

And there you have it – sexy cleavage that is begging to be shown off!

UPDATE: A few ladies have asked if this method works if you are thin or don’t have much breast tissue. Absolutely! Check out this video I found for a Nubra demo on a skinny girl:


What is YOUR favorite way to create cleavage? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so share your comments (and cleavage photos!) below.


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  1. Being, shall we say, a bit on the large side, i have ample spare chest tissue but fail to find a way to hold it in front to form a cleavage, as most of it seems to be at the sides, under my arms, i have tried a diva and a nu bra with no luck, any guidance from someone similar would be greatly appreciated, i dont fancy the idea of tape, but is that my only option now

  2. For me, obvious cleavage showing in a classy/dressy way just above the neckline of a deep V-neck or scoop-neck clingy knit top is such a great way to have everyone I meet be so much more convinced I must be a woman, so that improves my posture and my confidence. I have stayed 100% committed to Flat2Fem for almost 5 years and have developed my own soft, rounded, jiggly breast tissue that’s between a very tight B-cup and a loose C-cup. I absolutely agree that the Nu-Bra is THE best accessory ever. I tried the fabric-covered version, but I love so much more the clear silicone style. I set them on the outer and somewhat under edge of my loose breasts, and then pull them in very tight with the clasp on the low end of deep cleavage line, so it’ll be tucked away under the front bra-band that connects my bra cups. While it’s “OK” in a regular daywear C-cup, it looks the absolute best when I wear a padded, push-up B-cup and set the padding in the bottom of each cup tight underneath each silicone insert. I get the double effect of the Nu-Bra pressed cleavage, AND the lift of the loose breast tissue up high and looking very rounded above the seams of the bra cups. I then set my knit top’s neckline right at the same level as the edge of the bra cups, and the cleavage is then above the neckline and also plunging deep into the bra below the cups/neckline – and my loose tissue gets a rounded, soft appearance sitting above the neckline, and it is wonderful to have it jiggle with each step I take. Men and women always tend to look away from my eyes and take a quick glance at my chest because it is a very feminine appearance, especially when I wear a white or ivory bra under a very light colored pastel peach, pink, powder blue or ivory/white top, then there’s the double effect of the breasts/cleavage and seeing the lace of my bra cups and the straps up each shoulder. My favorite setting is to be sitting at a restaurant and have a waiter standing over my shoulder a bit to take our orders, and he’s essentially looking right down my top, over my neckline, looking right down my cleavage and sometimes even gets a peak of my bra, and that is wonderful. I have bought a dozen tops and 5 dresses that all have very classy, well-tailored scoop or V- necks designed to show cleavage and some jiggle without looking trashy/slutty. I can wear the Nu-Bra comfortably packed tight inside a padded push-up bra for about 6-7 hours. Soft wipe down with warm water and gentle pat-dry and they’re ready to stick on next time.

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