My #1 Femininity Tip for Crossdressers and MTF Transgender Women

What’s the secret to creating a convincing feminine image?

Clothes, shoes, hair, and makeup are important, but my #1 femininity tip has nothing to do with ANY of these.

I’ll give you one clue …

It’s something you should be doing ALL the time (even if you are in guy mode).


My #1 femininity tip for crossdressers and MTF transgender women is to STUDY OTHER WOMEN.

Your best femininity teachers are the women around you. You should constantly observe women when you are out in public – as well as when you watch TV or movies.

The more you study women, the more you’ll pick up on the subtle things that make somebody feminine and attractive.

Pay extra close attention when a woman catches your eye in a positive way. (Without creeping her out, of course!) Try to pinpoint what it is that makes her so appealing.

Specifically notice:

  • What she’s wearing. (A dress, pants, flats, heels, etc.)
  • What her style is. (Classic, trendy, girly, etc.)
  • How much makeup she’s wearing. (Is she wearing lipstick? How heavy is her eye makeup?)
  • Her body language. (Does she cross her legs or place her hands on her hips? How’s her posture?)
  • How she moves her body. (Are her movements soft and subtle or big and bold?)
  • How she interacts with others. (Is she bubbly and outgoing or quiet and mysterious?)

Aside from picking up femininity cues that you can incorporate into your own behavior, use this as a guideline for how women in your area present themselves.

Remember, if you want to “blend in” with the women around you, your clothes, hair, and makeup should be a similar style.

I also suggest paying attention to women who attract your attention in a BAD way. Notice what turns you off so you can avoid this in your own behavior and appearance.

(Who knows? Maybe some of these women will later look to you as an example of ladylike beauty!)

Now I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on this topic. What have you learned from observing other women?

Please share with me in the comments below!


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  1. I find your tips to be really helpful…In regards to studying women…I have always had a saying. “If you want to be (to do) something then get closer to the people you can emulate and become like them”. That is how I learned Spanish. I encircled myself in the Hispanic community in my area and learned to speak, as well as study a Spanish book. Anyway that is what I’m doing now with my femininity. I am observing women and talking to them and emulating how they talk and their gestures and the like. I even had a woman come up to me and tell me where to buy clothes for tall women (as I am on the taller side). I didn’t know how to react at first, but it was actually stimulating. The clerks in the store also were talking to me about dresses and all as if I were a woman. It was a very nice feeling.

  2. The greatest point of feminine presentation for myself occurred when I stopped thinking of becoming a woman and accepted that despite my physical birth gender I Am a female and wouldn’t have it any other way. Transitioning is of course a priority but my identity and confidence in myself is confirmed.
    Thank you Lucille for your encouraging words and empathy, the issues of tgirls and gender identity are so confusing that we ourselves can become overwhelmed. You have often been a source of solace and inspiration to carry on. May peace and love be yours always.
    Gratefully yours,
    Marcia Leanne

  3. Lucille is right on target with this and that is observing women! The last three are the ones that really take time patience and practice. We’ve all seen pretty trans girls that have all of the physical attributes but once the walk & talk, it’s a dead giveaway.

    xoxoxo – Jessika

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