How to Disguise Big Hands and Feet

bighandsfeetSize has a lot to do with perceived femininity. In my last blog post, I talked about how to look shorter. Now let’s move on to big hands and feet!

Even short TG women tend to have bigger hands and feet than genetic women. This sends masculine signals, so here are 5 tips for downplaying large hands and feet:

1. Wear heels

Heels make long feet look shorter because they bend the foot into a vertical position. Obviously you shouldn’t go overboard if you are tall, but even a 1” heel will make your feet look smaller and more feminine.

2. Groom your fingernails

Groomed fingernails make your hands look more feminine, which helps blend them into your overall image. Choose nail shades that blend into your skin tone, rather than attention-grabbing reds and pinks. The ideal fingernail length is 1/4” past your fingertips. Nails that are too short or too long make your fingers look stubby.

3. Avoid strappy sandals

Strappy sandals are sexy, but the more of your foot your expose, the bigger it looks. You should also avoid T-straps since the center strap creates a vertical line that makes your feet look longer. If you want to show skin, choose peep toes or sling backs instead.

4. Choose the right jewelry proportions

Avoid flashy rings and bracelets if you have big hands, but that doesn’t mean you should go for dainty jewelry styles. You need big bold jewelry to match your proportions. If you want to wear bracelets or rings, choose one or two wide but simple styles in a solid color.

5. Go for rounded toes

Remember those pointy toe shoes that looked like they could be used as a weapon to kill somebody? Thank God they are out of style now because they are a TG girl’s worst nightmare! Pointy toes add unwanted length to your feet. Square toes are also a no-no since they make the feet look wider. Instead, go for classic shoe styles with rounded toes.

Ok, ladies – what do you think? Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Leave me your comments below!


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  1. I’m not sure how long ago this post was written, but as of today I came across new information which could help some, though how it will benefit is up to you.
    I am one of those who hopes that TG people can undergo rigorous gene modification and stem cell transplants to completely resculpt their bodies. There’s an article called Total Gender Change on
    I have done a lot of Google searches for make hands and feet smaller but all of the searches came negative, so I decided to go a different route. So far, I learned two things which might be of help in finding a reverse mechanism.
    The length of the hands and feet are controlled by adding bone tissue to the ends close to where the joints are so that the skeleton can move properly. After puberty, these ends which have cartilage begin to calcify or ossify. Obviously, the only way to get rid of these is to decalcify the ends and force the bones to shrink. Few people would attempt this, so maybe the only fix to this would be a hand or foot transplant grown in the lab.
    The width of the bone, or its diameter is controlled by how many layers of mineral are added and destroyed. Bone is constantly being remodelled. During a child’s growth, their bones begin to increase in thickness as more layers are placed. But wait. If you put too much the bones will become very heavy. So another set of cells chew up the layers inside the bone cavity where the marrow is so that the space would be bigger. I was thinking to do the reverse. The osteoclasts would get rid of the outer layer while the osteoblasts would lay down new mineral layers inside the bone to make it smaller but stronger at the same time. If osteoclasts only dissolved the outer bone, that would result in osteoporosis.
    For both of these modifications, a bone scan may have to be performed along with a 3D-printed model for comparison of both the host (your own body) and the target (a volunteer whose hand or foot you’re trying to match). Bone scans shouldn’t be that hard, especially since two types exist. One is where hand x-rays are used to determine a child’s bone age, and another one, mainly used to detect bone cancer can get a thorough look at the skeleton for future modifications.
    For more information about what I do, feel free to visit my site at
    I believe that transgender people should seek natural and alternative ways to transition and still gain aesthetic, functional and sensational benefit from these changes.

  2. Hi, am Nahla an mtf transgender in Nigeria, Am black.I started taking estrogen hormones when I was 15yrs old. I always knew I was meant to be a girl and my parents knew too bcos of the way I act, always wearing my moms heels n makeups, @ first my dad was skeptical about it but with time he adjusted to it, I was born in the United States, Emory university hospital Georgia. I have a sister and she has been of help tremendously and now am 21yrs old and happy, I dnt have Adam’s apple, my bone structure form feminized perfectly, am happy and living healthy.

  3. Accept your big feet and treat them well. Or there will be Hell to pay. Who cares about other opinions. Don’t wreck your feet in tight shoes.

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