How to Move Your Hips and Booty

Note from Lucille: This is a guest post from my friend, Samba Teacher and Booty Shaking Expert, Theresa Stevens. Enjoy – and please leave us your questions and comments below!

Hi there, beauties!

My name is Theresa Stevens, and I’m a Samba dancer and teacher … and a Booty-Shaking Expert. Great job title, right? :-)

I pretty much love my mission in life: helping people all over the world feel more sensual and free in their bodies … with dancing.

I truly believe that our hips are the “Pleasure Center” of our bodies!

And when you feel connected to your hips when you sit, stand, and walk, it allows you to feel effortlessly graceful – and makes you magnetically attractive to other people, too.

Many people think that women can innately move their hips with ease and grace because they were born with a certain anatomy … but dancing enables EVERYONE to shake their hips in a sexy way.

Dancing is an awesome way to overcome your male anatomy and master sexy, natural hip movements.

If you want instant proof, look to the Brazilian culture …

When I lived in Brazil, I was surprised to see more men than women out on the dance floor, moving their hips to the music and looking incredibly sexy while they danced.

Another fun thing about Brazil is that transgender people are celebrated during the festival of Carnaval. The spirit of Brazil is all about celebrating life and shaking what your momma gave you!


Let’s get to some hot Hip Dance tips!

Here’s how to get sexy movement from your hips:

1. First, you need to bend your knees and learn how to dance in what I call the African Seated Dance Position.

This is the first essential step because if you don’t bend your knees when you dance, you aren’t going to get much movement from your hips.

So bend your knees and feel like your back is sliding straight down a wall, about 6 inches. This is the position to dance in!

2. Once you are in the African Seated Dance Position, the next key move is to learn how to squeeze your hip UP on one side.

Keeping your knees bent, squeeze one hip UP on the side. Then release that hip and come back to the center African Seated Dance Position again. Then squeeze the other hip UP.

Keep going, squeezing your hips up from side to side.

The trick is to always come back to the African Seated Dance Position and keep your knees bent. That’s how you get nice, bold, sexy swinging hips that are ready to play the bass with their movement!

BEST OF ALL, practicing this movement builds a connection with your hips – helping you achieve a sexy, feminine hip sway as you walk throughout the day.

Sexy hip movements comes from engaging your core muscles and your inner thighs – and with a little playful practice, you will understand how to make these movements as subtle or audacious as you please.

It is a deliciously feminine feeling!

I would love to teach you how dance with your hips and connect with the Pleasure Center of your body with my fun dance program. It’s called the “How to Firm Your Booty Program” and I have had excellent success helping women and men all over the world learn exactly how to shake their hips and booty!

You can check out my dance program by clicking here.

I hope enjoyed my dance tips! Leave us a question or comment below.

And be sure to check out my hip & booty shakin’ dance program and I’ll see you there!

In love, light, and the beauty of the shaking booty,

Theresa Stevens
Samba Dancer & Teacher
Booty Shaking Expert

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  1. Okay I will have to admit I’m not a dancer but I know I need to loosen up I will have to try and do this soon also Gary above mentions a fat redistribution on but & hips a program of Lucille’s which one is that so I know to get it soon I really need to loosen up a lot I think once I get on my own I will but it may take a little time I’m very tight anymore I need quite a bit of stretching and slimming my legs mainly calves are a bit large

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