The Top 10 Hidden Benefits of Crossdressing / Being Transgender

The Top 10 Hidden Benefits of Crossdressing or Being Transgender

Wow, my previous blog post about GUILT struck a nerve with people.

If you feel guilty about crossdressing or being transgender, then maybe you consider the whole thing a “curse”.

But I believe there are some amazing benefits to being a “two-spirit” person.

In this post, I want to share what I believe are the hidden benefits of crossdressing or being transgender.

Some of these apply more to crossdressers, but the sentiment is the same: Being TG can make you a better person overall – in girl mode AND guy mode.

The Top 10 Hidden Benefits of Crossdressing or Being a Transgender Woman

1. It allows you to integrate the best of both genders into your personality.

2. It motivates you to stay in shape and take care of yourself. (A girl’s gotta look good, right?)

3. It makes you more empathetic towards women.

4. It brings you closer to the people who support you.

5. It’s easier to be faithful when *you* are the other woman (though I hope your empathy towards women would prevent you from cheating in the first place!).

6. It allows you to get to know yourself in a deep and meaningful way.

7. It makes you an interesting person. (Normal is boring!)

8. It gives you more compassion towards others who don’t fit the norms of society.

9. It offers a healthy and non-destructive way to relieve stress.

10. It makes you a more creative, resourceful, and courageous person than you might be otherwise.

So what do you think? Am I missing anything on this list?

I’d love to hear what YOU feel are the hidden benefits of crossdressing or being a TG woman.

Please leave me a comment below!


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  1. I would have to agree with all of those points and those left in the comments above. As for myself I am just me and blessed to be able to do so. For the label seekers I am a mix of CD/TG. I would add that since embracing my en femme side I have become a better husband/lover and father. I have the fortunate situation of having the support and acceptance of my wife and daughters, I even share clothes with my teenager how cool is that.

  2. Lucille,

    I agree with your points 100%.
    What I could add about me doing when I’m dressed and not doing in drab (and I should):

    a) paying attention to details about myself: dressing, behaving, talking…
    b) watching and analyzing situations around me
    c) listening to others more and talking less
    d) enjoying being me
    e) understanding (feeling) how women feel in uncomfortable shoes, corsets, under dressed when cold, face made up …

    In male mode I:
    f) less fiddle with my face (touch, rub, pinch, poke it with my fingers
    and hands )
    g) less frequently pick my nose less, yawn without hand, frown, …
    h) pay more attention not to scratch my shoes, catch my trousers, jacket or shirt

    I guess there are more, but I stopped noticing them :)


  3. I mostly agree with points. Extras IMHO are acknowledging my gender I.D. has morphed to be t.g. Also acknowledge all gender diverse people and our rights. I’m incredibly more open-minded now and so much more knowledgeable re: trans socio-cultural & political realities. Love & Thnx to Lucille & CD & TG communities.

  4. I agree with some of your points Lucille.
    Since taking herbal hormones, I’ve become a calmer person.
    Circumstances don’t allow me to be female mode full time,
    but I don’t regret growing the boobs > I just love them, as
    mentioned elsewhere would love “C” cup but getting nice
    “B” cup. I wear female jeans mostly & F/male shirts.
    I’ve just got myself a pearl necklace, depending on circumstances
    I use make-up for eyelashes, I use a neutral color lipstick.
    I have found Tan colored pantyhose suit my legs(haven’t the best legs).
    I have found that a blue colored denim skirt suits my figure and suits
    any blouse or shirt I wear. Would love to get my hair done either
    curled or braid, but not long (would look like a drag-queen).
    But if women can dress semi-male, why cannot men dress female
    without looking ridiculous off course.
    It is not really who or what you are, it is what one makes of themselves.
    Example; I’ve still got my principles & morals. I still have an approach, an outlook
    and an attitude in life – so what is the difference is the clothe on my back
    and some make-up. What do others think?.

  5. All ten points are well placed. There’s the added benefit of having a much more colorful wardrobe and there’s lots more shoes you can wear. Dita Von Teese once said that red lipstick and red high heels put the fear of God into men. Try it–it works!!!!!!

    • For Valintines day I wore a black leather mini scirt red heels red satin victorian blouce and red lip stick I loved every mininte of it I wore it for 7 days and washed what need ed be be clean every nite by hand
      Penny Rose

  6. Hi.
    You are correct again, you are some special person to now and understand the benefits of the transition, everyone needs to loosen up and enjoy life to the fullest and you can’t get there unless you explore your self, body and mind. Your ten points are just it, I have been a strong believer on these most of my life.
    I have read many articles on Androgyny, an interesting subject and you defined it to a “T” on your ten points, the “two spirits” caught my attention as I have read about Indian tribes and other cultures around the world that consider a “two spirit” individual to be whole and complete,in many ways a very special individual, (male or female).
    I believe that there are people around us that would fit into this category but are afraid to explore it, so sad as many live a stressful life with no way to vent, I was a King at that game, but panties and cami tops changed my way.
    We must live with no fear, take it like a men…. or woman.

    Keep up the good work, you know God and all of us love you.

    Meekah P.

  7. Hello!
    You are rigth with those ten benefits. I am 51 CD enjoying with my boyfriend every minute, not only sex but full life. The needs for looking beautifull makes you younger just with few gym and good nutrition.
    Your web is of the most helpful. Thank you.

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