FREE Feminization Hypnosis Video + MP3

Welcome, girlfriend!

  • Have you spent a ton of money on clothes, makeup, hair removal, and hormones – yet still aren’t as feminine as you want to be?
  • Are you still struggling to overcome the masculine habits that prevent you from blending in or passing as a woman?
  • Do you have serious doubts about your ability to express your femininity and be accepted as the woman that you are?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you probably realize that transforming yourself on a strictly physical level DOESN’T WORK.

To truly become the woman you want to be, you need to think and feel like a woman – from the inside out.

feminization hypnosis video mp3Register for FREE instant access to my “Unleash Your Inner Woman” feminization hypnosis video + MP3 …

And discover how hypnosis can help you:

  • Reprogram your mind and body so you can effortlessly express yourself as a woman.
  • Transform your self image and start living as your true femme self.
  • Eliminate the subconscious masculine habits that are preventing you from blending in or passing as a woman.

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  1. Dear Lucille,
    My profound thanks always to you for your kind encouragement to be at myself (as a woman). Presently, I really feeled as I was born as a genetic woman, the way my aunt always wants to me to looked, its been 8 months now since when I say good bye to male clothes and say welcome to women dresses.
    The only problem i‘m encounting is I can not go out very freely enfemme in the day time, until if it is in the night, as I told you last time I really love to relocate to either united states or canada but very unfortunate I doesn‘t have anybody there.

  2. Your short has been very benifical to me. I now can go clothes, shoe, and cosmetic shopping in total confidence. I even attended church this last Sunday as myself. My life has really changed because of you. Thank you so very much.

    I am unable to pay by credit card, and would like to get more by money order. Is that possible?


  3. I found the first time I want out in public was eased by going with friends other trans or girlfrinds to a restaurant or similar business that is adult related. Try a good mid priced restaurant. you may be looked at and you may not. It doesn’t matter! your experience is what matters. In a few minutes after theinitial rush of excitment you’ll find yourself expressing yourself as you always do. you will find the girl within is outside now and you are natural with it. Topics will come and go.
    I got up after dinner and walked up and down a boardwalk feelin the wind on my legs and my skirts moving in the breeze. Oh it felt so good as i passed others walking by me and passed me.
    Once you do it not getting bogged down with do i pass as a woman or not just being you you’ll go out again and again. It’s you after all.

  4. Hi lucille. I am so happy I found you and your feminizing hypnotic system. I am a cd needing your services on this, to relax and be my fem self. I cant wa until

    • I cant wait until I am fully feminized and become a tg woman, with your kind help. Thank you so much lucille. You are the best! Love, annette

  5. Just love the sample free “Feminization Video” I’ve been doing this my whole life. Always looking for
    “real girl support” Thanks ladies, I’m sure we all appreciate what you’ve done to help us. I will be visiting your store in Sunrise soon to pick up some girly things to make me feel more beautiful and more and more like a woman. Looking forward to signing up for your program, but want to get going on the voice lessons right away.

    Love & Kisses for all of you.

    Thanks Sister Lucille, really hope to meet you someday so I can give you a hug for all you’ve done.

    Thank you again,


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