Transgender / Crossdressing Poll: Do You Blend In or Stand Out?


Are you afraid to step out as a woman for fear of not passing?

Or if you’re out, do you allow your happiness to be determined by how passable you are?

If so, I think you’re making a mistake.

Instead of worrying about passing vs. not passing, my advice has always been to try to “blend in” as a woman instead.

But lately, I’ve been wondering…

Is blending in REALLY the ultimate goal?

As a genetic (cisgender) woman, the last thing I want to do is blend in!

After all, what’s the point of wearing cute clothes, getting a fabulous haircut, or doing your makeup if nobody notices?

I believe it’s a natural feminine desire to want to stand out.

Does your femme self share this desire?

This is a juicy topic, so I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Do you enjoy attracting positive attention when en femme?

Or do you prefer to blend in and attract as little attention as possible?

Please take my poll and share your thoughts below!


Do you prefer to blend in or stand out when en femme?

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  1. I recently purchased your flat to fem program. I have discussed it with my Dr. Due to my health, she recommends that I do not use it. She also stated that HRT was not a good idea ether. I would like to receive a refund as promised in your add for that program. I have tried to get back to you through the web sites that you listed, but get no response. would you please send me my refund . Paula

  2. My approach is two fold…

    From afar, I want to blend in. This,to me, means that my profile and mannerisms are not dramatic, harsh or gauky…lending a fabric of life approach and that I would appear as any other woman.

    When close up, I want to be noticed. As a lot of women know, a great deal of effort goes into a look…and on so many levels that to not be be noticed ignored the whole point and allure of feminine prowess. In this regard, I most certainly want to be noticed for my efforts.

    If I can stand out as someone who tends to her image tirelessly, with attention to detail and with poise and class, than my mission is complete.

  3. I clicked on “blend in”.

    In a safe environment, I’d LOVE to stand out as attractive, even beautiful! In the real world, especially as one who developed with “privilege” and in a world in which women who may sometimes be “clocked” as men are in peril, “Blend in” seems safer.

    • God, I Love looking a bit Slutty!! I like the looks ans smiles.

      The smiles I like the most are from other women, cisgender women when I wear something white that is a bit shear that allows my areolas and nipples to show.

      The men like it too and honestly I don’t believe they even wonder if I’m really a woman and I’m big & tall at 6′, but unafraid to wear 4″ heels. My Butt isn’t as big as I’ld like but there are natural curves from the years of hormones. I’m looking into butt implants.

      Arm, neck, and rings jewelry plus long acrylic fingernails on my small hands give a distraction.

      I may not be a Beauty Queen, but I’m by far not the Ugliest Duckling at the Prince’s Ball hehehe There are some cisgender women that could use some help in the taking care of themselves department, but they make me look good, so Thank You to each and everyone of them.

  4. Hi Lucille, although I do not want to draw too much attention to myself I like to be seen as an attractive woman. I just want to be “one of the girls”…giggles.

  5. Hi Lucille honey I’ll be a little fearful stepping out this time at first it’s been a while since I dressed and I maybe a little rusty at it to begin with again but I think after a little practice at it again I’ll be okay with a little help from you and your programs I’ll be feeling more confident than ever I may need a new computer since my audio isn’t working at all I might get a laptop too depending on the size of my big check things are looking up for me though and I’ll be ordering soon Love M.J.

  6. i live as a girl 24/7 and luv it. once i came out to the girls at work it’s been fantastic. they treat me as one of the girls and they are just so supportive. we go out for drink after work and i am truly one of the girls. and it’s so nice to be able to chat about things that i like talking about . . . . fashion, make-up, cute hair styles, and the best . . . . guys! the best part is i’ve always been petite and have always had very feminine features so i truly look like the girl i was meant to be. i hope transitioning is in my future. all my girlfriends say i should go for it!

    • Wow, you are living the life I wish I could. However, I am 72 and a bit beyond the working/job scene (I’m retired). In my life I have met with almost uniform rejection and hostility; so I pretty much keep to myself. Fortunately I am single so I can be as feminine in my apt as I please and do so at all times. It’s not ideal but at least it’s something. Thank you for sharing – All the best to you. Sandra

  7. Hi Lucille, like many others I voted ‘blend in’, but it really is both, or it may even be neither. I don’t think I ever consciously try to blend in or stand out. I try to look my very best, but I do so for me and my own satisfaction. In the process this might well make me stand out in the crowd or blend in so I don’t raise an eyebrow. Maybe it depends on how good you feel about yourself on the day that makes the difference.

    • When I was younger I cut a pretty chic figure; but now that I’m retired and 72 I do not go out at all but stay feminized in my apt. 24/7. It’s not ideal but it’s better than nothing. Otherwise I completely agree with your sentiments. All the best to you. Sandra

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